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I´m Hannu Kostilainen, a Finnish jornalist-photographer, living in the Middle of Finland, Keuruu near Jyväskylä. I flyfish and cast spoon while I´m by the sea or river. My favourite fishes are pike, trout, sea trout, arctic charr, white fish and of course salmon. In the North my favouirite rivers are the Neidenelva River and the Teno River, and from lakes Inarijärvi Lake.

In the North of Finland, Savukoski, I rekommend the Nuorttijoki river and Tulppion Majat for fishing and hiking:

Tulppion Majat: cottages for hire, a restaurant, sauna and fishing lisences for Nuorttijoki River.Hannu ja pinturilohiHannu ja pinturilohi

Phone: mob.+358-50-5205164, +358-16-844101, www.tulppionmajat.fi

 Photo: Hannu and a small Neidenelva´s salmon. Hannus home album.






Welcome to the

Nuorttijoki River

Nuorttijoki, NuorttiköngäsNuorttijoki, Nuorttiköngäs

The Nuorttijoki River flows in the Eastern Finnish Lapland, in Savukoski and belongs to the big Tuuloma River waters. The Nuorttijoki flows on the other side of the border first in Russia to Nuorttijoki Lake and later to the Arctic Ocean near the city of Murmansk.

You can fish on the Finnish side of the Nuorttijoki River for about 35 km down from  Tulppio.

You can use a spoon or flyfish for trout and grayling. You can hire a canoo at Tulppion Majat. But ask for more information before your start from Tisko. It´s very difficult to come back up the stream to Tulppio.

Fishing Season: June 1st- sept 10th.

 8 € / 3 h

10 € / 24h

35 € / 1 week

50 € / all season

Younger than 18 years -50%.

The whole family: double the price.


Fishing Licences for sale:

Tulppion Majat, Tulppio

Fishing Licenses by phone:

Not available.

More information also: ahven.net, eraluvat.fi, tulppionmajat.fi, elinkautiset.com


Salmon and sea trout fishing in Northern Norway:

The Neidenelva River

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My home side: Neidenelva,Hannu ja Neidenelvan pintaperholohi. Kuva: Hannun albumi.Hannu ja Neidenelvan pintaperholohi. Kuva: Hannun albumi.


Photo: Hannu and a nice salmon taken with a floating fly; a bomber. Hannus home album.